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What is threatening about traditional marriage
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Dear Editor:
What is threatening about traditional marriage?
The liberal news media describes a category of people they say we definitely fit. According to the liberal media and others, people like us who oppose same-sex marriage are bigoted, homophobic, unjust, intolerant, hateful, etc. etc.
We believe in God who created this world and at the time of creation had a perfect plan for marriage (The Bible, Genesis 2:24). On several occasions when Jesus was asked about marriage He took his listeners back to Genesis and told them of God’s sacred marriage plan---“one man and one woman united for life.” God is a loving God who knows each of us individually and wants the best for us. Do we think we know better than He? Do we think we can go against His perfect plan without dire consequences to ourselves and to society?
Marriage between a man and a woman has been and continues to be the stabilizing foundation of every society. God’s institution of marriage is the very bedrock of our human social order. Social scientists have conducted hundreds of research studies on raising children. They have concluded that children who are raised in homes where they are loved and nurtured by both a mother and a father are healthier, more secure and do better than children who are raised in other settings. Children need both a mother and a father.
We fear for the very foundation of our society if those who push to change the definition of marriage are successful. The God given values that have made our nation great are fast being eroded leading us towards another Sodom and Gomorrah.
This November we must elect candidates who strongly support traditional marriage. We, the citizens of our state, have already voted to ban same-sex marriage. We must vote for candidates who will uphold that ban!
Fred and Arlene Hobson