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What's with the suit, again?
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Dear Editor,
In response to Pat Hinson’s question “What’s up with the suit in court?” in the Great Bend Tribune Public Forum: I, too, often thought the same thing, and the more I thought about it, I wondered, could it be that “they” didn’t want him out there in obvious jail attire? So obvious, that someone might recognize him and try to do him harm? 
 It makes no sense to me to see on the front page of the paper two men charged with murder and one in jail “orange” and the other one in a suit.
Can anyone explain?                                           
Doris Roat,
(EDITOR’S NOTE: One, with the jail orange on, was a mug shot provided by law enforcement. The other, in the suit, showed a defendant as he appeared in court. It pictured what was actually happening in the courtroom.)