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Where are our American ethics going?
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Re: Feb. 24, 2016, article, “BCC buys tech support for inmate education”
This letter is in response to the Feb. 24, 2016, article, “BCC buys tech support for inmate education.” Where are our American ethics going?
BCCC Board of Trustees, let’s rethink this issue of supporting and approving a 2-year contract to support technology to Ellsworth Correctional Facility. Why? We have starving children in our United States. We have uneducated people in our state. All I have heard in the last few years is how our state funding for education is not sufficient.
There are parents who have spent their lifetimes working, so our own children can have a good education. We pay for our children’s education ourselves; and some of our children hold down part-time jobs and apply for numerous scholarships while attending high school and college; along with their parent’s financial help. Why should we be “OK” with prisoners getting technology support for their education? It has been my “beef” for years why we are paying for prisoners to get education, period!!
According to the article, I quote, “The contract will benefit the students by providing additional resources they can use outside of normal classroom hours.” Don’t you mean “prisoners,” not “students?” This is almost like allowing terrorists and treason confinees from GITMO (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) to come into our prisons here in the States to what? “Get Educated.”
To go on with this letter, my three children went through four years of high school, four years of college with the financial help of incomes from their father and their mother; separate incomes. They also received scholarships and worked part-time. My children also worked on the family farm year round, hauling hay, feeding cattle, driving heavy equipment and trucks.
BCCC Trustees---- give these HUGH grant dollars to current young students. You’ll have to do some research to find grant moneys to cover them. Pell Grants are awarded to individual students. I have grown children in their 30’s and 40’s still paying on school loans.
PEOPLE IN PRISON ARE THERRE FOR A REASON---PUNISHMENT FOR CRIMES THEY COMMITIED!! WHAT MAKES THEM MORE ELIGIBLE FOR EARNING A “PAID FOR” EDUCATION? We could advertise “Free college education, Free tech support for classroom study.” We would really get a lot of takers, a snowball effect. I’m calling for parents to back me up here. Please parents, step in with a response.
FURIOUS IN BARTON COUNTY, where my tax money goes to Barton County Community College.
Jean M. Harrison
B.S. Human Resource Management, paid for by me in 1992-93