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Why gasoline costs nearly $4 a gallon
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Dear Editor,
As any smart businessman knows, the price of a product is based upon how much is available and how much demand there is for a product. Since the United States demands more gasoline than is available, the price goes up to the point that people drive less, and, therefore, demand meets the supply.
Why do we have this shortage? It is primarily because the Obama administration has stopped most oil and gas development in the United States. He has prevented exploration and development off our shores to buy votes from the “ecologists” that claim there would be massive oil spills that would ruin the pristine beaches used for such activities as surfing. He has given Brazil $20 billion to develop their off-shore production. Since he has halted U.S. drilling for more than two years, the oil rigs have been pulled up and moved to the shores of Brazil and Cuba. Since they have years of work to do there, it will be years before they could be moved back into U.S. waters.
Who is running these drilling operations? The Chinese. So the profits from this oil will go into the pockets of the Chinese communist government. They will use it to buy even more of the U.S. businesses.
He personally halted the building of the pipeline from Canada to our oil refineries, because he claims it will pollute the water aquifer in Nebraska. The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of oil pipelines—some in operation for more than fifty years—across the top of that aquifer, and there has been very few spill incidents. This one act alone cost the United States tens of thousands of new jobs and 1.3 million barrels of oil a day—oil that we could buy from our neighbor and not from the muslim terrorist supporters in the middle East. Canada has oil to sell, and the Chinese are in the process of tying up their production for use exclusively by China.
The Wahabbi muslim sect in Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars each year supporting terrorist activities throughout the world. Where are they getting this money? From the oil that they sell to us because we won’t produce enough on our own lands to meet our demand.
Our “ecoterrorists” have prevented development of extremely large oil reserves in the Anwar Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, because it would kill “billions” of wildlife. They show pictures of pristine mountains and valley to make their point. The truth of the matter is that the area where our oil companies want to drill is a flat muddy wasteland. The area is scarcely larger than a county in Kansas, and represents less than 0.001 percent of the Refuge. There is no basis for this refusal to allow exploration and drilling, except to buy votes and campaign money from these ecoterrorists.
We have had very few new oil refineries built in the past 20 years because the government regulations make it all but impossible to gain clearance to start them. So we presently produce much less gasoline than our demand.
Looking at the actions of the Obama administration for the past four years, it appears that their sole mission is to bankrupt our free enterprise system. My feeling is that Obama firmly believes that the United States should not be the greatest economy in the world, because it will make the socialist countries look bad. And he is an out-and-out socialist that wants us to fail.
Just remember this when you vote in November. The future of our country is at stake.
Jim Vance