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Write-in vote campaign
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Dear Editor,
The current write-In vote campaign that Ken Lebbin is involved in for the Barton County Commission 4th District seat is raising questions on how a voter casts a write-in vote.
In an effort to answer these questions this information is offered.
According to Kansas Election Standards:
* The voter must make his/her intent known in order for the vote to count. (KSA 25-2903)
* The voter casting a write-in vote is instructed to write/type the candidate’s name on the blank line and to mark the box or darken the oval next to the write-in blank on the ballot, but the law specifically states that failure to mark the box or darken the oval should not invalidate that portion of the ballot. The vote should count if the voter’s intent is clear, regardless of whether the voter marked the box of darkened the oval. (KSA 25-2903) WRITE-IN VOTES ARE VALID IF THE VOTER’S INTENT IS CLEAR.
* To vote for Ken Lebbin, enter his name as a write-in under the 4th district and if the spelling is not correct the vote will still count if the intent is clear. Since there is no other Lebbin that begins with the letter K in the 4th district, any entry of Ken, Kenny, Kenneth or other like variation or spelling of the name will count along with different spelling of Lebbin
If you have any question voting, ask the election officials present at your polling place and they will be happy to aid you in casting your vote.
Please vote Nov 4th. Not only is it your right, it is you duty as a citizen. Make that vote count by voting Ken Lebbin for Barton County Commissioner 4th District.
Howard Herter