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Levi Morris has writer’s support
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To the editor:

Barton County has two lawyers who are vying for the position of District Judge, 20th Judicial District, which includes Barton, Stafford, Rice, Ellsworth and Russell counties. Both candidates are qualified for this position.

I happened to notice a yard sign, of substantial size, in a residence yard here in Great Bend. The message was directed at Levi Morris who is the present Barton County Attorney. It was apparent that the person or persons who were responsible for said sign have a serious disagreement with Mr. Morris.

Obviously, citizens have the freedom to express their opinion of a candidate in a political election. However, a judicial candidate may not respond, personally, to disguised ethical or moral attacks. Cannon 4 of the Code of Judicial Conduct specifically limits what a judicial candidate can do before, during or after an election.

Levi Morris has brought stability to the Barton County Attorney’s office. The backlog of unfiled cases has been eliminated. The working relationship with the Barton County Sheriff’s Office has also been restored. These are the positives which he has explained in his printed newspaper advertisement.

Levi Morris has earned my support; however, I urge that you vote for the candidate of your choice without being influenced by negative and unsubstantiated criticism.

Thank You.

Tom Berscheidt

Great Bend