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Moran’s spending bill vote contemptible
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To the editor,

As a concerned citizen who has spent my political life voting Republican, not because I especially liked them, but because I considered them to be the lesser of two evils, my cynicism has reached a new low!

With senior Senator Jerry Moran’s support of the $1.66 trillion omnibus spending bill that should have been left to the new Congress to deal with, Moran has shown contempt for the conservative/moderate leadership that most Kansans prefer and provided a taxpayer slush fund to the progressive/loony-left wing of the Democratic Party.

Among the gems in this omnibus bill, be prepared for a “green new deal” tax hike on natural gas that will result in an estimated increase of 18-20% in your already expanding heating bill.

This is just one of the jewels buried throughout this 4,000-page monstrosity that should have been dead on arrival if not for Republicans who have further eroded the line between themselves and the big spenders of the Democratic Party and who seem intent on alienating their allegiance from the citizens who elected them.

Gregory Bontrager