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Moving on after civil case closed
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Richard Boeckman

In March 2017 Robin Rziha sued me, making various allegations and claiming damages in excess of $75,000. I have always denied those allegations and continue to deny them because the allegations are not true.

Stories have appeared in the media and social media concerning this lawsuit that have been inaccurate and misleading. I have not responded to those stories. In August 2017 I opened a law office in Great Bend. I would not have opened my law office if I were not confident in my position.

I have now settled this matter by paying Rziha $500. To take the case to trial would be very expensive in terms of attorney fees and trial costs that I would have to pay personally. Although I continue to deny the allegations, for a $500 settlement it makes no economic sense to take the case to trial. I regret I will not be able to present my case to a jury.

Richard Boeckman

Great Bend