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Music washed something inside him
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To the editor:

I recall being in Vietnam having debates with myself while engaged in boring activities off duty. Should I have gone to Canada to live with my Canadian relatives?

My father was born to Canadians in the United States making me a member of what Trump would call an anchor baby family.

Or should I, as I did, enlist to appease my inner John Wayne and/or to earn an education through the G.I. bill?

Was Vietnam worth it for me or my country? I express no opinion but the debate was decided by my love of country and belief in our government. (This was before the disillusionment of Watergate). I can not fathom how I would have felt if Donald Trump had been my Commander in Chief.

To express how I would feel if Joe Biden were to be elected I can only ask you to read the poem “Bath” by Carl Sandburg.

Joel B. Jackson

Great Bend