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Musings and questions about politics
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To the editor:

These are not only times that try the souls of all humanity, but people everywhere are struggling to slog through a vast wasteland of social and news media. It is exceedingly difficult to interpret a near toxic stew of opinions, news and partisan “talking points” that often border on being pointless.

I offer the following selection of decades-long musings and questions on politics as a jarring reminder that we need to enrich the conversation ASAP.

1) It is not the festering wounds of the Body Politic that need the most attention; it is the deep sickness of its soul that needs a spiritual regeneration.

2) The Body Politic is bleeding at the heart, not the pores.

3) No political reformation will lead to human transformation. But is it still possible that a human transformation could lead to a healthy metamorphosis in politics?

4) It sometimes seems as if political extremes – both left and right – have become the “new” normal, and that a balance between these extremes, if ever achieved, would be the “new” radical.

5) In politics, winning without integrity is not really winning.

6) Politicians might complain that education is costly, but is it as costly as ignorance without end?

7) Extreme partisan politics usually lead from myopia to dystopia. The twin pillars are delusion and distraction. 8) We don’t need government out of our lives; we need reality-challenged politicians out of government.

9) An authoritarian government in any form, democracy included, is a dangerous ego assertion writ large.

10) The worst kind of tyranny is a democracy that postures as one, though proclaiming liberty. Why? Because masses are largely kept ignorant, hence unsuspecting. Free speech keeps the illusion of “doing something” strong and vivid and the dream and hope of “better times ahead” a self-sustaining mantra of belief.

11) The statecraft of many politicians seems honed  to work with the superrich to build colorful links in a chain that imprisons the impoverished and suffering masses to consumerism, money mismanagement and strongly held beliefs in heaven-sent problem solvers.

12) Politics blesses most those blessed with the most money.

13) If the free speech of money wins, the free speech of humanity loses.

14) Talk is not cheap where politicians are concerned. In fact, their talk is well-funded.

15) Is it possible that the guarantee of freedom of speech can act as a political stratagem to keep people from perceiving the corporate tyrannies that, in effect, enslave them and keep the government in line?

16) Do you not think there have been more than a few historical examples of an incompetent majority voting for an incompetent politician? 

17) Just remember that the consensus of the majority of the people doesn’t guarantee rational judgement or higher moral ground. One only has to read history to see that collective delusions have been a staple of “civilized” society. 

18) We live in an age of “show thyself” more than “know thyself,” politicians included. 

19) True to their word, politicians have always made sure that America is the land of promises. Less so, the land of promises kept. 

20) It is not political will that we need, but democratic will, thriving more on activism with clear goals in mind than on endless debate that resembles carnival barking. 

21) Winning hardened hearts and deluded minds at all costs for America could lead to losing a democracy.  

22) Observe carefully and note how  many politicians respond to questions of maximum context with answers of minimal context. Hence, largely free of meaningful content. 

And lastly, 23) American democracy should never be sanctified by bible-thumping Christian coercion.

Richard Joel Holmes