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New ball field turf amounts to insanity
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To the editor,

Insanity. Plain and simple. That is the only way to say it. They say that the turf project was not aproved because it was not feasable financially when they brought it up the first time. So they wait until we are in a pandemic disaster and say it is now the right time. 

Does that make any sense to any rational mind? Many businesses are struggling to survive, people are struggling to survive. Taxpayers are being billed for trillions of dollars to stimulate our economy and all they can think of is turf. They keep trying to convince you that they are getting a great deal because the cost is being shared by the school district and the rec department. Well folks the harsh reality is, it is all 100% tax payer money. 

I sat in my barbershop waiting to get my hair cut the other day listening to people talk about this insanity and I never heard one person support this project. Any one that supports this insanity is not voting for the best interest of the people of Barton County. It should tell you something about their loyalty to our community when they were considering sending your money to texas. 

I urge you to seriously consider their actions the next election. We need somone that will vote for Barton County and not for their misguided wants. And by the way what ever happened to the need for storm shelters to protect the school children? All at once the safety of the kids is less important than turf to impress someone. 

Well I can tell you they are not impressing me. They will tell you that they are doing it for the kids when in fact if they cared for their kids they would not saddle them with the enormous tax debt that is coming. 

If the insane spending does not stop the kids have a very bleek future.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend