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Better lock these kids away
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Parents of the 450 pupils (aged 3 to 11) at Applecroft primary school in Welwyn Garden City, England, were given individualized yearbooks recently with all the children’s faces obscured by black bars over the eyes — except for photos of the recipient’s own children, which had no obstructions.
The precautions — described by one parent as “creepy,” like kids were “prisoners” — were ordered by headmistress Vicky Parsley, who feared that clear photos of children would inevitably wind up in child pornography.
Last year, Parsley famously prohibited parents from taking photographs during school plays — of their kids or any others — for the same fear.
It’s not
it’s just
Among the few commercially successful enterprises in North Korea is its General Federation of Science and Technology’s video game unit, which has produced such popular programs as a bowling game based on the American cult classic movie “The Big Lebowski,” and another based on the “Men in Black” film series.
Bloomberg News revealed that a major international partner of the federation’s marketing arm Nosotek is the News Corporation — the umbrella company of Rupert Murdoch’s vast enterprises that include the conservative Fox News (which is generally provocative toward the North Korean government).
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