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Bonnie, youre making it too easy
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Bonnie Usher, 43, was arrested in Manchester, N.H., and charged with robbing a Rite Aid pharmacy after being spotted in her car fleeing the store’s parking lot.
The robber’s easy-to-remember license plate: “B-USHER.”
The nativist Danish People’s Party called in November for an anti-immigration film that featured bare-breasted women sunbathing, as one way to convince religious fundamentalists abroad not to immigrate to Denmark.
“Sex strikes” (the withholding of favors) are employed from time to time, especially in underdeveloped countries, to influence political leaders’ decisions.
However, these almost always appear in patriarchies in which females have little influence beyond the power of sexual denial.
Stanley Kalembaye of Uganda’s National Resistance Movement, battling to unseat the ruling party, publicly called for the nation’s men to withhold sex from their wives unless the wives promise to vote for the Resistance.
Trust me,
it’s good   
Walter Allen Jr. was arrested in Houston after attempting to purchase two Bentley cars at the Post Oak Motor Cars company.
Allen, using his own driver’s license, presented a check for $500,000 from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta — which was, of course, bogus since the Federal Reserve does not bank with checks.
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