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But they are, Glenn, they are!
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Glenn Crawley, 55, who describes himself as a “man of the water,” flipped his catamaran off the coast of Newquay, England, for the 13th time and had to be rescued, running the costs of attending to his miscues to the equivalent of nearly $50,000.
Although officials have pleaded with him to give up sailing (terming him “Captain Calamity”) Crawley said: “I do what no one else is doing. So I’d appreciate it if people would get off my case and give me some support.”
There’s a
September 2002 reports in the New York Post and the Toronto Star, quoting parents’ website “reviews” of the Mattel $19.99 Nimbus 2000 plastic-replica riding broomstick from the (then)latest Harry Potter movie, highlighted its battery-powered special effect — vibration. Wrote a Texas mother: “I was surprised at how long my daughter and her friends can just sit in her room and play with this magic broomstick.”
Another said her daughter fights her son for it but complains that “the batteries drain too fast.”
Still another mother, age 32, said she enjoyed it as much as her daughter.
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