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But you made a promise
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Jesse Dimmick filed a lawsuit in Topeka, against Jared and Lindsay Rowley — whom he has been convicted of kidnapping in a notorious 2009 episode that resulted in his being shot by police.
Dimmick broke into the home and held the couple hostage at knifepoint, but now says that, during the siege, the couple made him an “oral contract,” “legally binding,” that they would help him hide if he would sometime later pay them an unspecified amount of money.
According to the lawsuit, since Dimmick was subsequently shot — accidentally, said the Topeka police — his injuries were the result of the Rowleys breaching the contract to hide him safely.
Police, who had surrounded the home, arrested Dimmick when he fell asleep.
about her
The two men who heroically pulled a woman out of a burning car wreck in 2009, and surely (according to a highway patrol officer on the scene) saved her life, have sued the woman for the emotional and physical disabilities that resulted from the episode.
David Kelley and Mark Kincaid not only stopped voluntarily to help, but were the only ones on the scene capable of pulling the woman to safety.
The fire was so hot that it melted Kelley’s cellphone.
Kelley said he has suffered serious breathing problems and cannot avoid horrific dreams reliving the episode. The woman, Theresa Tanner, subsequently admitted that she deliberately crashed the car that day in a suicide attempt.
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