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Cat on a hot, tin law
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A recent vicious, unprovoked attack in Toronto by Sammy the cat on Molly the black Labrador (bloodying Molly’s ear, paws and eye) left Molly’s owner without recourse to Ontario’s or Toronto’s “dangerous pet” laws.
The owner told the Toronto Star that, apparently, only dangerous dogs are covered.
English law
cat owners
Maya the cat was central to a recent contentious British immigration case when a judge seemed to favor residence for a Bolivian national because of Maya.
The judge had concluded that the Bolivian man and his British partner had established a close-knit “family” relationship because of the need to care for Maya.
This fogey
is just
too old   
Violinist Martin Stoner, 60, who lost his job after 25 years and who is suing the New York City Ballet for age discrimination, petitioned federal judge Robert Patterson to disqualify himself from the case because he is too old (88) and, according to Stoner, has vision and hearing problems.
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