Printing issues delay Wednesday Tribune
The Great Bend Tribune could not be printed Tuesday night and therefore no papers were delivered Wednesday, Publisher Judy Duryee announced. Subscribers can access the full electronic version of Wednesday’s Tribune online at and the printed version will be delivered along with the Friday paper.
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Dont confuse them with the facts
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“Science does not trump the testimony of individuals,” said Detroit prosecutor Marilyn Eisenbraun, explaining her office’s decision to disregard DNA evidence that the University of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic said exonerates Karl Vinson, 56, who has spent 25 years in prison for rape.
Despite the science, Eisenbraun said she had to stick with eyewitness identification by the victim.
Although Vinson has been eligible for release for 15 years, the Parole Board keeps turning him down — because he refuses to acknowledge guilt.
In July, the Michigan Court of Appeals declined to order either Vinson’s release or a new trial, but did grant him an extraordinary right to appeal, based on the new evidence.
Heck, you
cain’t be
uh-arguin’ with
that-thar logic
As five young men gathered around the Mount Tabor Reservoir near Portland, Ore., one urinated in it, thus “contaminating” the 7.2 million gallons that serve the city, and, said Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff, necessitating that the entire supply be dumped.
Under questioning by the Weekly Portland Mercury, whether the water is also dumped when an animal urinates in it, or worse, dies in it, Shaff replied, certainly not.
“If we did that, we’d be dumping the water all the time.”
Well, asked the reporter, what’s the difference?
Because, said Shaff — sounding confident of his logic — “Do you want to be drinking someone’s pee?”
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