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Don't tell us we can't poison ourselves
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The city government in Seoul, South Korea, warned in October that the local delicacy “octopus head” contains toxic amounts of cadmium and recommended a two-head-per-week maximum.
Fishermen and restaurateurs — as well as those who eat octopus head for its supposed libido-enhancement — protested.
Take that,
yuh mangy
In Seminole, Fla., near Tampa, two men, ages 36 and 52, sitting on a porch, drew the attention of two passersby, who made derisive comments and eventually beat up the porch-sitters, who were in costumes as beer bottles.
OK, don’t
draw the
In Montcalm County, Mich., four teenagers attending a Bible church camp were killed when lightning struck an umbrella they were huddling under on a field.
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kill my
Ten people were killed in an October stampede when a scuffle broke out at a Hindu temple in the Indian state of Bihar where 40,000 had taken their goats to be sacrificed for prosperity.
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