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Every dog will have his day
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Charles Clements, 69, appeared in this space not long ago in a report on his having deliberately shot to death a 23-year-old neighbor whose fox terrier had answered a call of nature on the perfectly manicured lawn of the reportedly obsessive Clements.
According to witnesses, the victim was displaying macho bravado just before the shooting, but Clements admitted he was not under attack when he fired.
In Dec., a judge in a Chicago suburb rejected requests for a 20-year sentence and ordered Clements to serve only four months — out of jail, on probation.
China’s dynamic economy has created Western-style insecurities, including young women’s anxieties about beauty and self-improvement as they search for employment.
Consequently, China has become the world’s third-largest consumer of plastic surgery services — with demand that perhaps challenges the supply of skilled surgeons.
Women typically want wider eyes, “sliced” eyelids, narrower noses and jaws, and smaller chins, and both men and women seek height by attempting the painful (and usually unsuccessful) “heel implant” procedure.
A currently popular, less invasive remedy for immediate body streamlining — as when preparing for a job interview — involves ingesting eggs of the ringworm, so that the worm devours food before the stomach can digest it.
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