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Facts really piled up
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Dog walker Kimberly Zakrzewski was found not guilty in October of violating the poop-scooping ordinance of Fairfax County, Va., despite photographic “evidence” of dog piles submitted by neighbors Virginia and Christine Cornell (who had previously been feuding with Zakrzewski).
The jury chose to give greater weight to testimony by the dog’s owner that the photographed piles were bigger than anything she had ever seen from “Baxter.”
The owner also revealed that she had brought to court one of Baxter’s actual piles but decided to leave it in her car.
That’s justice
for a 1 percenter
A judge in Dayton, Ohio, sentenced former CEO Michael Peppel, 44, for defrauding his shareholders by overstating revenue in a company that went on to lose $298 million and cost 1,300 employees their jobs.
Sentencing guidelines recommended an 8- to 10-year term, but federal judge Sandra Beckwith ordered Peppel to jail for seven days.
Shaving is
always a
good idea 
A 22-year-old man was shot in the face on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
His companion on the camping trip thought he was shooting at a bear.
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