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Garage sales sure pay off
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When deputies in Monroe County, Tenn., arrested a woman for theft, they learned that one of the items stolen was a 150-year-old Vatican-certified holy relic based on the Veil of Veronica — venerated for having been used to wipe Jesus’ face before the crucifixion.
The painting had been stolen from the closet of a trailer home on a back road in the Tennessee mountains, where a local named “Frosty,” age 73, had kept it for 20 years with no idea of its significance.
Um. it IS our
own **** money   
Of the 1,500 judges who referee disputes as to whether someone qualifies for Social Security disability benefits, David Daugherty of West Virginia is the current soft-touch champion, finding for the claimant about 99 percent of the time — compared to judges’ overall rate of 60 percent.
As The Wall Street Journal reported, Daugherty decided many of the cases without hearings or with the briefest of questioning, including batches of cases brought by the same lawyer.
He criticized his less lenient colleagues, who “act like it’s their own **** money we’re giving away.”
A week after the Journal report, Judge Daugherty was placed on leave, pending an investigation.
Now the public
pays for their burgers
The Five Guys Burger and Fries restaurant in White Plains, N.Y., was robbed by five guys.
Well, actually it was four guys and a woman.
One of the guys worked at Five Guys.
All five “guys” were arrested.
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