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He might want to remember this trick
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Steven Black, one of five suspects in a federal credit card and check-cashing fraud ring, was arrested in Maryland Heights, Mo., following a car chase. In a search, police discovered that Black was carrying $1,540 in cash, in a roll tied with a shoelace to his privates.
You get
what you
pay for
Gene Cranick, who lives outside the city of South Fulton, Tenn., was offered firefighter service by the city for an annual $75 fee but declined to pay. In September, firefighters stood by watching as Cranick’s home burned to the ground.
They had been called to the scene by Cranick’s neighbor, who had paid the fee and feared Cranick’s fire might spread to his property.
Apparently it’s
not his kind of town
A 23-year-old man on Chicago’s South Side is still alive after he reported being shot twice by different people in different neighborhoods.
He was shot above the armpit just after midnight, was treated and released at a hospital, and then was shot again in the leg about 10 hours later.
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