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Heres justice for you
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“Ashley,” attacked at age 15 by a counselor in a New York City lockup, finally received justice when the counselor pleaded guilty to that assault and two others.
Ashley had been in the lockup for lying on a police report and served one year in juvenile detention.
The counselor’s guilty pleas came in a deal with the prosecutor, for which he was “punished” by a probation-only sentence, according to a New York Daily News story.
Thus, Ashley was locked up after the rape; the rapist remains forever free.
More folks
A perp wanted on an arrest warrant has a powerful incentive to lie about his ID if subsequently stopped by police, and sometimes bluffing with a bogus name works.
However, twice in one month, in Dallas and in Great Falls, Mont., perps gave other names, only to learn that people with those names were in as much trouble as they were.
Mario Miramontes, 22, wanted for parole violation, told an officer in Dallas that he was his cousin, without knowing that the cousin was wanted for sex abuse of a minor.
Jonothan Gonsalez told police in Great Falls that he was really Timothy Koop Jr., but Koop was also a wanted man.
No fear
of him
Mark Richardson, 21, of Oklahoma City is the most recent con man to seek care givers to attend to him intimately as he dresses in a diaper, feigns autism and claims to require constant care.
Richardson’s mother admitted to The Oklahoman newspaper that her son is “not your average, everyday, walking-the-street citizen.”
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