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Heros house just wont fit
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The veterans’ support organization Home for Our Troops had recently started to build a 2,700-square-foot house in Augusta, Ga., to ease life for Army Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens, who had suffered concussive head injuries in Afghanistan and is partially paralyzed.
However, the Knob Hill Property Owners Association, which had provisionally approved the design, changed its mind.
“The problem is,” one association member told the Augusta Chronicle, there are “5,000-square-foot homes all the way up and down the street” and that such a “small” house would bring down property values.
“It just doesn’t fit.”
Steve, it’s like
you aren’t trying
Steven Long, 23, was arrested in South Daytona, Fla., on suspicion of theft after a patrol officer spotted him pedaling his bike down a street with a 59-inch TV set on the handlebars.
Matt, you aren’t
too sharp, either
Matthew Davis, 32, pleaded guilty to theft in Cairns, Australia.
He had been arrested on suspicion because police had noticed a large office safe protruding “precariously” out the back of his vehicle as he drove by.
OK, he had
this one coming
Stephen Kirkbride, 46, was convicted of theft in Kendal, England, after a clothing store clerk, on the witness stand, pointed out that Kirkbride had in fact worn to court that day the very coat he had stolen from the store.
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