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Hes a criminal work in progress
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Convicted heinous Minnesota sex offender John Rydberg, 69 and still detained after having served his sentence because he is still a “danger,” exhibited an upbeat demeanor for a three-judge panel in March, hoping for release.
He said his number of victims was far fewer than the “94” he previously admitted to, explaining that he offered a purposely high number because he was afraid underplaying his crimes might make it appear that he was lying.
“What can I say?” offered Rydberg. “I’m a work in progress.”
Everyone will
that game   
At a George Washington University men’s basketball game, accountancy department professor Robert Kasmir was honored at halftime for being one of the elite financial donors to the university, but he was not around for the end of the game.
He was ejected from the stands in the second half for harassing a referee about the officiating.
It’s in the
almost low
rent district   
The average sale price of a home in Aspen, Colo., in 2010 was about $6 million, and as of early March 2011, the lowest-price single-family home on the market there was listed at $559,000, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
The home is located in a trailer park.
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