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He's the real victim, after all
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Oklahoma City bomber-helper Terry Nichols, serving a life sentence at the “Super Max” federal prison in Colorado, recently ended what he said was his third hunger strike of 2010 to protest food quality.
Lack of fiber in the diet, he said, causes him “chronic constipation, bleeding, and hemorrhoids” and thus disrespects “God’s holy temple,” which is Nichols’ name for his body.
The prison continues to offer Nichols only limited dietary options.
Hey, Sherlock,
try a
little harder
The most recent instance of the cardinal sin of the jailing profession occurred in a Minneapolis lockup in the spring, when a witness in an active murder case was arrested, probably on an unrelated charge, but placed in the same cell as the murder suspect, Jonathan “Thirsty” Turner, who knew that the witness had already given a statement against him.
The witness was badly beaten, but jailers were not certain enough that Turner did it to file charges.
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