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Hey, it is hot in the volcano
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Last November, although 150 people had already been killed by the erupting Mount Merapi volcano in Central Java, Indonesia, and though the government had created shelters in stadiums and public halls for 300,000 jammed-together evacuees, some had petitioned authorities to open up private shelter locations so that the displaced could attend to certain “romantic, biological needs.”
Apparently some evacuees had become so frisky that they had left the shelter and returned to their homes in the danger zone just so they could have sex.
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Jerrold Winiecki, 56, was lifted into an ambulance for the 25-minute ride to a hospital in a Minneapolis suburb, after paramedics were unable to keep his airway fully open because of infection.
Minutes later, the struggling-to-breathe Winiecki noticed the ambulance stopping at a familiar location enroute — a Subway sandwich shop near his home, thus increasing his distress.
The stop was brief; Winiecki later recovered; and doctors said the ambulance ride was not life-threatening.
The ambulance company said proper protocols were met, in that the driver did not stop for food but to use a restroom because of diarrhea.
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In Village One in Cambodia (about 12 miles from Phnom Penh), local residents alarmed by a spirit-possessed boy gathered, about 1,000 strong, for a good-luck wedding ceremony marrying two pythons — “magic” animals that have the power to bring fortune and happiness.
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