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Honest, I was aiming at the dog
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Betty Walker, allegedly firing at the pit bull that she saw lunging at some children, hit the dog with one shot and her husband, 53, with a second shot, killing him in Jackson, Miss.
Brent Bader, allegedly firing at the family dog, instead hit his wife once in the head, killing her in Twin Peaks, Calif.
Samuel Campos, 46, allegedly firing to put away the family Chihuahua after having inadvertently wounded it the day before, instead hit his girlfriend, 41, killing her in Willits, Calif.
Gee, here’s a
great idea
Alicia Bouchard, 41, was arrested in Jackson County, Fla., accused of hatching a plot with her husband to impregnate a 12-year-old girl for the purpose of producing a baby that would eventually earn an additional welfare check.
Leave that
at the door
The Japanese construction firm Maeda Corp. ordered its 2,700 employees to adopt standard, short hairstyles — a “bob” for women with a longer fringe that could be swept to the side, and a routine short-back-and-sides cut for men with a slightly longer cut on top.
Maeda said it was responding to the government’s plea to reduce energy usage (less water, less hair dryer time).
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