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Imagine, getting TV involved makes it worse
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Dalia Dippolito, 30, of Boynton Beach, Fla., was convicted of hiring a hit man to kill her husband, but not before offering an ultra-modern defense.
Her lawyer told the jury that it was all a fake scheme to pitch a reality-TV show about one spouse’s ordering a hit on the other.
And that her husband, Michael, had originally come up with the idea.
As Dippolito’s plan unfolded, her boyfriend alerted police, who set up a sting and witnessed Dippolito dictating exactly what she wanted done.
In fact, the sting itself was captured on video for the “Cops” TV show.
Michael denied any involvement, and the jury appeared not to give her story any credence.
but ...
A 20-year-old Jersey City, N.J., gym member claimed “criminal sexual contact,” acknowledging that while she had given a male club therapist permission to massage her breasts and buttocks, she had been under the impression that he is gay.
When another gym member told her that the therapist has a girlfriend, she called the police.
Is that a Beretta in
your pocket or are
you glas to see me?
Marilyn Michose, 46, was referred for medical evaluation after she was spotted roaming the lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City wearing neon pink panties on top of her street clothes, with a .25-caliber Beretta visible in her jacket pocket, and speaking gibberish.
According to Michose’s mother, Marilyn had overmedicated for her Lyme disease.
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