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It goes with the little girl lingerie
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Walmart announced that it would soon offer a full line of makeup especially for 8-year-olds (and up), by GeoGirl, including mascara, sheer lip gloss, pink blush and purple eye shadow, all supposedly designed for young skin.
An executive of Aspire cosmetics said her research revealed a potential market of 6-year-olds.
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Jack Smeltzer broke a record in the tractor pull championships in Columbus, Ohio, — doing a “full track-length pull” of 692 pounds. Jack is 7 years old.
The National Kiddie Tractor Pullers Association (holding 80 events a year for ages 3 through 8) uses bicycles instead of motors.
Ms. Brooke Wilker, 5, was the youngest champ, lugging 300 pounds 28 feet.
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that despite an array of pressing problems, the Broward County public school system has paid about $100,000 per year since 2004 to build and maintain special gardens at selected schools in order to lure butterflies for pupils to study.
The 2009 federal stimulus program came through just in time with $34,000 for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Kearneysville, W.Va., laboratory.
Work on the recent dangerous increase in Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs was in jeopardy because money had run out for design of a workable air distribution system for the offices.
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