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It's like playing Capone
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Bolivia’s president Evo Morales — the former union leader and coca farmer known for hard-nosed political combat — is also a fanatical soccer player and drew worldwide video attention for an incident during a supposedly friendly match between his pals and a team headed by the mayor of La Paz.
After absorbing a vicious foul five minutes into the contest (resulting in a leg gash) President Morales confronted the offender and kneed him in his — as local media described it — “testicular zone,” leaving the player curled on the ground.
Afterward, Morales’ bodyguards briefly threatened the gasher with arrest.
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Researchers from the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Canada and the University of Portsmouth in England, in a journal article, “proved by flotation dynamics and rotation dynamics,” altered for “external surface area,” that giraffes can swim — although they are probably terrible at it because of their odd shape.
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Swiss artist Gianni Motti has been displaying a bar of soap at Zurich’s Migros Museum of Contemporary Art, claiming it was made from fat that had been liposuctioned from Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Motti said a clinic employee had surreptitiously given him the fat following Berlusconi’s treatment in 2004, but the clinic has denied any involvement.
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