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Justice overcomes the idiotic
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By his own testimony, John Ditullio is a hateful neo-Nazi who despised his next-door neighbors in New Port Richey, Fla. — a white woman with an African-American friend and a son who was openly gay.
But when the son was murdered and the mother attacked in 2006, Ditullio denied involvement.
And though he earned a hung jury in his first trial, his retrial was scheduled for November 2010.
For each day of the trial, a makeup artist was hired — paid for by the government at $135 a day — to cover up Ditullio’s swastika neck tattoo and crude-phrase cheek tattoo so as to keep jurors from being unfairly prejudiced.
Nonetheless, Ditullio was convicted in December and sentenced to death.
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Suspected of stealing scraps of copper in Riverside, Ohio — Jesus Christ Superstar Oloff, 33.
Arrested for sex abuse against a 6-year-old boy in Oklahoma City — Lucifer Hawkins, 30.
Sought as a suspect in a convenience store killing in Largo, Fla., and an example of the highly revealing “Three First Names” theory of criminal liability, Mr. Larry Joe Jerry.
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