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Lets just bring them all home
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The U.S.-Pakistan relationship has reached “the nadir of absurdity,” wrote “,” after a report in The Atlantic revealed that Pakistan “secures” its tactical nuclear weapons by moving them around the country in ordinary unmarked vans “without noticeable defenses.”
It supposedly uses the “Econolines of Doom,” “hidden” in plain sight on the country’s highways, because it fears the U.S. — its “ally” — would steal the bombs if it knew where they were.
Dizzyingly, wrote “Wired,” the U.S. funds Pakistan yet regularly invades it, though desperately needing Pakistan’s help in Afghanistan, even as Pakistani soldiers fight alongside Afghan insurgents against the U.S.
He might
give the
Klan a
bad name 
L.B. Williams, a black man married to a white woman in Panama City, Fla., reported that the Ku Klux Klan had burned a cross in his driveway in November and left a threatening note.
However, the note did not demand that the couple move from the neighborhood; it demanded that they stay.
Since the Klan is not known for supporting mixed-race couples, the police were suspicious and ultimately charged Williams with making the threats himself — to frighten his wife into abandoning the divorce she had recently requested.
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