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Like this case is typical
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“Sovereign” citizens — militia types — continue to insist that their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution is superior to that of virtually every American historian, judge, legislator, governor and law professor who ever studied it.
For example, Schaeffer Cox, head of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia, in district court in Fairbanks, Alaska, on a misdemeanor gun charge, commenced a series of “constitutional” claims.
Asserting that he is “chairman of the joint chiefs of staff” of the “de jure republic” of America, as empowered by the real Constitution, and not the one in popular use, which is a bogus document that Abraham Lincoln secretly sneaked in, Cox claimed that all Americans are kings and queens and that no one is required to obey laws unless necessary to avoid harming other “sovereigns” (citizens).
Cox attempted to serve papers on the district court judge, but was rebuffed by state troopers.
The Milwaukee teachers’ union filed an equal-rights lawsuit challenging health-insurance cutbacks by the budget-challenged Milwaukee Public Schools.
The union was denouncing the elimination of Viagra as discrimination against men.
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