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Lineup wasnt fat enough
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Four hundred pound Eric Kenley, 48, won a new trial for his two New York City robbery convictions after appeals court judges realized that the police lineup that identified him was unfair, in that he was apparently much fatter than the other men in his lineup.
The police had attempted to compensate by using larger-than-average men and by presenting them all seated, to minimize the weight difference.
These people are
different from us
Madrid’s Getafe soccer club, struggling for customers, startled Spain this summer by commissioning a porn movie, with zombies, hoping to attract more fans.
As if that were not quixotic enough, it then tied the movie to a campaign to solicit sperm-bank donations.
Explained the film’s producer, Angel Torres, “We have to move a mass of fans to seed the world with Getafe supporters.”
A promo for the film follows a Getafe fan, armed with a copy of the movie for his viewing pleasure, as he disappears into a clinic’s private cubicle to fulfill his donation.
Go ahead, Gumby
do your worst   
A man dressed as Gumby was ignored by a 7-Eleven clerk when he tried to rob the store in Rancho Penasquitos, Calif.
The clerk told “Gumby” not to waste his time, and “Gumby” finally fled.
The clerk had such little respect for “Gumby” that he did not even report the “robbery.”;
It came to light only when his boss was reviewing surveillance video.
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