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Nothing seems odd with this deal
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Gail Posner — the widow of legendary hostile-takeover executive Victor Posner — died in March in south Florida but left a will that endowed her beloved Chihuahua, Conchita, and two other, less-loved dogs, a $3 million trust fund plus the run of her $8.3 million mansion for their remaining dog years.
After all, Conchita has a style to maintain, including a four-season wardrobe, diamond jewelry and full-time staff.
Mrs. Posner’s only living child, Bret Carr, who admits he had issues with his mother, is challenging her $26 million-plus will, that left him $1 million, mostly because, he said, Mrs. Posner’s staff and bodyguards suspiciously wound up with the bulk of the riches on the pretense that they would be caring for Conchita.
The London Daily Mail profiled the Houghtons of Crawley, West Sussex — Lee, 42, and Jane and their five youngest children — who live in free government housing and draw monthly benefits of the equivalent of about $1,600, without doing a bit of work, because Lee has a “personality disorder” and daughter Chelsea, 16, has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and needs a caretaker to help with her baby.
The Houghtons admit that they spoil their kids at Christmas with lavish gifts, and the reporter noted the presence of four TVs, two Xboxes, three DVD players, mobile phones for everyone, and a computer and laptop.
Lee is unpopular with his neighbors, who call the police on him frequently because of his drinking. Said Lee, “If people want to work, good for them. I would if I could.”
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