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Oops, was that against the law?
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Texas State Rep. Joe Driver, an 18-year House veteran whose website notes his opposition to “big spending habits of liberals in government,” was revealed this summer to have been routinely double-billing the government for travel expenses and to have been genuinely surprised to learn that voters and colleagues might find that improper.
Wrote the Associated Press: “Driver insists he thought the double-billing was perfectly appropriate — until talking about it with the AP,” at which point he appeared to change his mind.
“Well, it doesn’t sound appropriate now if you bring it up that way,” he admitted.
“To learn that pretty well screws my week.”
For at least five years, Driver had been collecting from the government for expenses already reimbursed by his re-election campaign.
Strippers’ moms
must be so proud 
Every weekend for the last four years, parishioners from the New Beginnings Ministries church in Warsaw, Ohio, have gathered in front of The Fox Hole strip club in nearby Newcastle and tried to shame customers by photographing them and posting their license plate numbers on the Internet, and brandishing hellfire-threatening signs.
Recently, however, Fox Hole’s strippers joined the duel, congregating on Sundays in front of New Beginnings, wearing bikinis and “see-through” shorts, dancing scandalously, squirting each other with jumbo water guns, and wielding their own Bible-quoting signs to greet the day’s worshippers.
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