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Post traumatic garbage you mean
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Former 11-year-veteran police officer Louise McGarva, 35, filed a lawsuit recently, asking the equivalent of about $760,000, against the Lothian and Borders Police in Edinburgh, Scotland, for causing her post-traumatic stress disorder.
Officer McGarva was attending a supposedly routine riot training session that got out of hand.
She said she discovered that she had developed a debilitating fear of sirens and police cars.
Tri-athlete Sabine von Sengbusch, 46, filed a lawsuit recently against Meghan Rohan, 28, over a bicycle-pedestrian collision in New York City’s Central Park.
Von Sengbusch claims that Rohan had the audacity to step in front of her as she was bicycling, causing her to fall and suffer “painful and permanent” injuries.
Although von Sengbusch said she was inside the “bike lane” at the time, park officials said signs make clear that pedestrians have the right of way at all times.
Von Sengbusch’s “permanent” injuries did not prevent her from competing in a triathlon, in which she finished second.
According to a New York Post report on the lawsuit, Central Park pedestrians are growing more vociferous in denouncing bicyclists, and vice versa.
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