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Soylent Green will be cheaper
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Artificial meat — grown in a test tube from animal stem cells — has been theoretically planned for about 10 years, but a European Science Foundation audience heard predictions that lab-grown sausage might be available as soon as next year.
The meat is produced in sheets (“shmeat”) and would be prohibitively expensive at first, in that the largest specimen produced so far measures only about one inch long and a third of an inch wide.
The biggest drawback facing artificial muscle tissue: that even lab-grown muscles require exercise to prevent atrophy.
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“Scientists develop blood swimming ‘microspiders’ to heal injuries, deliver drugs” — Spider-like “machines,” made of gold and silica, smaller than a red blood cell yet which can travel through veins carrying drugs and be directionally controlled by researchers.
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The Department of Motor Vehicles office in Roseville, Calif., was closed for a week after a driving school student crashed into the building and left a five-foot hole in the wall.
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