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Straight out of a Woody Allen movie
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Shirley Anderson, 71, is suing her son Ken, 46, in Vancouver, British Columbia, for parental support — even though she and his father had abandoned him when he was 15, having one day just picked up and moved and, as in Woody Allen’s joke, “left no forwarding address.”
An archaic 1922 law in British Columbia obligates adult children to support “dependent” parents, and in 2000, Shirley sued, demanding $350 per month each from Ken, who is a trucker, and his four siblings — three of whom were at least 17 when the parents left and not considered “abandoned.”
A judge awarded token interim support pending a final resolution, which after years of paperwork and delay has been postponed once again.
This is an oldy,
but a goody! 
Denise and Jeffrey Lagrimas, who were hosting a neighborhood watch meeting in their Oroville, Calif., home in December, 1989 to discuss rising concerns about local crime, were arrested during the meeting after a neighbor spotted her recently-stolen TV set in the house and then realized that Denise was wearing her stolen dress.
Police officers were already on hand at the meeting to give a presentation and subsequently found $9,000 worth of stolen goods.
That ought to
teach somebody
Officials at the Synergy Credit Union in Lashburn, Saskatchewan, have the surveillance video but not the perp.
A man in black with a curved sword jabbed at the ATM, then smashed his way through the glass front door, then roamed around, leaping over counters and jabbing at more things with the sword before departing empty-handed (and bleeding).
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