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That will show them
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Gen. Than Shwe, of Myanmar, leader of Asia’s most authoritarian regime, made a rare public appearance earlier this year, but dressed in a women’s sarong.
Most likely, according to a report on AOL News, he was challenging the country’s increasingly successful “panty protests” in which females opposed to the regime toss their underwear at the leaders or onto government property to, according to superstition, weaken the oppressors.
Men wear sarongs, too, in Myanmar, but the general’s sarong was uniquely of a design worn by women.
An Internet site run by the protesters urges sympathetic women worldwide to “post, deliver or fling” panties at any Burmese embassy.
Take that
you dirty
Florida Senate Bill 1246, would make it a first-degree felony to take a picture of any farmland, even from the side of the road, without written permission of the land’s owner.
The bill is perhaps an overenthusiastic attempt to pre-empt campaigns by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
the loss
Though Florida faces a serious budget shortfall, another Senate bill, 1846, would authorize the state to borrow money for golf courses and resorts in at least five state parks and would require that the courses be designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus’ firm. Update: SB1846 was too excessive even for Florida and was withdrawn.
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