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The law is the law
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At a high school basketball game in February, 1992, Oklahoma City police officer Eldridge Wyatt became dissatisfied that no fouls were being called on “No. 21” and walked onto the court to point out the player’s elbowing to the officials.
When referee Stan Guffey told Wyatt to leave the foul-calling to him, Wyatt placed Guffey under arrest.
Guffey was un-arrested a few minutes later so that the game could continue, but when a reporter after the game asked Wyatt for a reaction, Wyatt tried to arrest him, too.
the law
Owen Kato, 23, was arrested following a police report in Port Charlotte, Fla., of a man grossing out customers by standing beside the entrance to a McDonald’s for about 10 minutes, popping his pimples with his fingers.
on, and on ...
At press time, Melinda Arnold, 34, was waiting to hear whether her mother would be accepted as an organ donor for her daughter — with the organ being the mom’s womb.
Melinda (a nurse from Melbourne, Australia) was born without one (though with healthy ovaries and eggs), and if the transplant by Swedish surgeon Mats Brannstrom of Gothenburg University is successful, and Melinda later conceives, her baby will be nurtured in the very same uterus in which Melinda, herself, was nurtured.
Womb transplants have been performed in rats and, with limited success, from a deceased human donor.
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