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These guys make their own business
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Joseph Wheeler filed a $12 million lawsuit against Prince George’s Hospital in Upper Marlboro, Md., over its treatment following a car accident.
He was admitted with serious injuries, but hospital staff mistakenly marked him for next-day cancer surgery, and when he protested and tried to leave, two muscular staff “security” men restrained him, dishing out even more pain.
Yelled one, according to the lawsuit, “Get off the floor, *****!”
“I don’t care who you think you are. This is my camp.”
The next day Wheeler talked his way out and over to St. Mary’s Hospital, where he was treated for four broken ribs, a sprained shoulder, a ruptured spleen and a concussion.
They owe me
bazillion dollahs
John Theodore Anderson — also known, in his court filings, as John-Theodore:Anderson — filed a lawsuit against an Alpine, Utah, attorney who had acquired land from a man who Anderson said owed him $4,000 for “consulting” work.
The attorney, and the previous owner, denied Anderson’s claim, provoking Anderson to file a lien on the land — for $918 billion (a mark-up only quixotically related to the $4,000).
However, by the time Anderson got around to filing the lawsuit to defend the lien, his $4,000 claim had become $38 quadrillion (38 thousand trillion dollars).
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