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They are better citizens in death
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A St. Louis Post-Dispatch investigation of voter rolls since 1981 in East St. Louis, Ill., identified 27 specific dead people who voted in various elections, complete through the 1990 primary.
Inspiringly, two men who had never cast a single vote while alive apparently decided to begin participating in the democratic process once they had died, and Mr. Willie E. Fox Sr., who has voted six times since his death in 1987, mysteriously switched registration this year (1991) from Republican to Democrat.
Just wait
until they
catch John
Ellenbeth Wachs, 48, was arrested in Lakeland, Fla., on a complaint that she “simulated” a sex act in front of a minor.
In a March incident, Wachs, after receiving medication for her multiple sclerosis, was awakened at 8:30 a.m. by her 10-year-old neighbor boy’s clamorous basketball game, near Wachs’ window.
After unsuccessfully beseeching the boy for quiet, Wachs — hoping, perhaps, to make a point about noisy neighbors — began moaning out the window, while remaining out of sight.
“Oh, John! Oh! John!” over and over at increased shrillness as if in the throes of orgasm.
The basketball-playing stopped, but the incident was not a teaching moment.
The boy’s father, Otto Lehman, called the police and filed for an order of protection against Wachs.
And, if people
pay them for
The Sergeants Benevolent Association, fighting back against corruption charges (that its NYPD officers often “fix” traffic tickets for celebrities, high officials and selected “friends”) claimed in a recorded message reported in The New York Times that such fixes are merely “courtesy,” not corruption.
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