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They are better than one
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Twice during 2011, babies with two heads were born in Brazil.
Though the first, in Paraiba state, died hours after birth, the 9.9-pound “Emanoel” and “Jesus,” born in Para state in December, are apparently otherwise healthy.
The baby has two heads and two spines but shares one heart, liver, pelvis and pair of lungs.
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The Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, England, was soliciting potential homes for “Bentley,” a Border Collie whose monophobia might make it what the Daily Mail calls the “most cowardly” dog in the country.
While frisky around people, Bentley immediately goes into a frightened sulk when left alone, cowering from cats, holing up behind a couch, and constantly biting his nails, even at the sound of a cat on television.
Bentley was recently outfitted with special lace-up booties to preserve the nails.
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Janet Knowles, 62, was arrested in Jupiter, Fla., for aggravated assault after allegedly bludgeoning her housemate, 65, with a hammer as they watched television.
The victim said only that Knowles was “upset with Judge Judy.”
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