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They only want a fair profit
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Until recently, many pregnant women at risk of delivering prematurely could be aided by an obstetrician-recommended workup of a chemical compound, at a cost of about $10 to $20 a dose.
However, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a specific commercial version, K-V Pharmaceutical’s Makena, which K-V began pricing at $1,500 a dose (citing its need to recoup “research” costs).
K-V also began threatening dispensers of the workup compound, since FDA had anointed Makena with “market exclusivity.”
Update: FDA changed its mind in March and announced that providers of the workup compound could continue to offer it.
Just charge
for produce,
not dairy
The manager of the Channel Islands co-operative store in the British territory of Jersey acknowledged to BBC News that a shopper’s complaint was justified and that refunds would be made.
The customer believed she had been overcharged by about five pounds (about $8) because, while weighing fruits and vegetables, the clerk had been leaning over so that her breasts “accidentally” increased pressure on the scale.
Oh, well,
she probably
deserved it
Britain’s Border Agency announced the firing of an immigration officer.
The man had apparently turned sour on his marriage, and while his wife was on holiday with her family in Pakistan, he quietly added her name to the terrorist list of people not allowed into the country.
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