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This will really hurt
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Self-described Las Vegas “performer” Staysha Randall took 3,200 different piercings in her body during the same sitting to break the Guinness world record by 100 prickings.
Veteran Las Vegas piercer Bill “Danger” Robinson did the honors.
Coincidentally, on the very same day in Edinburgh, Scotland, the woman with the most lifetime piercings (6,925) got married.
Elaine Davidson, 46, wore a full white ensemble that left bare only her face, which was decorated green and sported 192 piercings.
The lucky guy is Davidson’s longtime friend Douglas Watson, a balding, 60-something man with no piercings or tattoos.
Hey, look
over there!   
A 24-year-old man, riding a party bus for a friend’s bachelor night in Detroit, was killed on Interstate 94 when he popped open an emergency escape hatch on the bus’s roof and peered out at the sights.
His head slammed into an overpass.
These accidents
do happen
A 59-year-old woman, who had borrowed a steam roller to help with maintenance on a road near her home in Whatcom County, Wash., lost control of the vehicle, sending it into a ditch, where she was thrown and fatally rolled upon.
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