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Tiny brushes work for tiny art
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Britain’s Ben Wilson is one artist with the entire field to himself — the only painter who creates finely detailed masterpieces on flattened pieces of chewing gum found on London sidewalks.
Frequently spotted lying nearly inert on the ground, working, Wilson estimates he has painted “many thousands” of such “canvases,” ranging from portraits and landscapes to specialized messages — such as listing the names of all employees at a soon-to- be-closed Woolworth’s store.
According to a New York Times dispatch, Wilson initially heats each piece with a blowtorch, applies lacquer and acrylic enamel before painting and sealing with more lacquer.
And of course he works only with tiny, tiny brushes.
At least he
saved the beer   
Gregory Snelling, 41, was indicted for the robbery of a KeyBank branch in Springfield, Ohio, which was notable more for the foot chase with police afterward.
They caught him, but Snelling might deserve “style” points for the run, covered as he was in red dye from the money bag and the fact that he was holding a beer in his hand during the entire chase.
That really
is weird   
An employee of Bed, Bath and Beyond at the St. Davids Square shopping center in Radnor, Pa., reported to police on that, for the second time in two weeks, he had come across a bag (estimated to weigh about 35 pounds) behind the store, filled with human vomit.
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