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Turns out there are worse offenses
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The Military Times news service, reporting from Afghanistan in August, disclosed a U.S. Marines command directive ordering troops to restrain their audible flatus because, apparently, Afghan soldiers and civilians complained of being offended.
The reporter doubted the directive could be effective, in that passing gas by front-line troops is “practically a sport.”
get a job
Italian men are notorious “bamboccionis” — “big babies” — who exploit doting mothers by remaining in their family homes well into adulthood, sometimes into their 30s or later, expecting meals and laundry service.
Many mothers are tolerant, but an elderly couple in the town of Mestre announced (through a consumer association) that if their 41-year-old, gainfully employed son did not meet a deadline for leaving, the association would file a lawsuit to evict him.
A news update has not been found, perhaps indicating that the son moved out.
A mime is a
to waste   
About 120 professional mimes began voluntarily patrolling the traffic-congested Sucre district of Caracas, Venezuela, at the request of Mayor Carlos Ocariz.
The white-gloved mimes’ specialty was wagging their fingers at scofflaw motorists and pedestrians, and mimes interviewed by the Associated Press reported improvements.
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