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TV movies made it all worth it
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Wanda Webb Holloway, 36, was arrested in January, 1991 for putting out a murder contract on a Channelview, Texas, woman.
Holloway thought killing the mother of her 13-year-old daughter’s arch rival would cause the rival to quit the junior high cheerleader squad in grief, making way for the Holloway girl’s selection.
Reportedly, Holloway imagined the other girl’s death, too, but realized that she could only afford one contract.
Holloway’s story spawned two TV movies.
She was convicted of soliciting murder, but the verdict was overturned, and she eventually pleaded guilty in exchange for a 10-year sentence, of which she served six months.
Maybe the cops
didn’t really
want this guy
A man, unnamed in a news story, was charged with resisting arrest (for trespassing) by failing to put his hands behind his back.
According to the Destin, Fla., police report, the man explained, “I can’t put my hands behind my back because I’m making a bowel movement — in my pants.”
According to the report, that was true.
All the news
that’s not fit   
Recent alarming headlines: “Maine woman loses lawsuit over removal of husband’s brain.” “Condoms rushed to Thai flood victims.” “Killer sharks invade golf course in Australia.” “Lingerie football league wants to start a youth league.” “Man uncooperative after being stabbed in scrotum with hypodermic needle.”
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